Residential Annexes – Planning Guidance

The granny annexe must be sited within the area directly next to the house, and within the property curtilage, such as the driveway or garden. If you are looking to site a granny annexe anywhere other than in your garden, you will need to contact the local council for approval, which is also needed for conservation areas and new developments. 

The structure should conform to the legal definition of a caravan, which all our annexes built for residential use to standard BS 3632 are. 

It must not be sublet as a private residence or for business purposes, as it must be used for guest accommodation / house overflow, or by family members. It cannot be used as a sole residence and the original main property on the land must be accessible for use by the occupants of the unit, or they need to have some level of interaction with family members or householders in the main property.  

So, granny annexes, family accommodation and occasional house use (up to 6.8m x 20m) will need no further referral, within the boundary terms as already stated. 

Accessible living

Our homes can be designed for those with additional physical needs and disabilities, so they can suit your individual needs now, or, just as importantly, in the future. 

If you need to change anything

Once the specification is signed off, the factory builds to that brief and specification. We can change any element during the specification progress until you sign off your agreed plans, and if you let us know in time, we may be able to change elements for you beyond this point too, although we can’t guarantee it, so we never ask you to sign your plans off until you are completely happy with them. Our thorough specification process and design experience offers our buyers input on all aspects and detail before the build process begins.